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The differences between a wild fish and a hatchery fish are as great as the differences between a wolf and a dog. Both species can interbreed, but they are obviously quite different. Society would be the worse off for not having both wolves and dogs. The same cannot be said for hatchery fish.

Andy Kerr


I got a lot of positive feedback for my section of rattlesnakes in Oregon Desert Guide. Here is a paragraph form the rattlesnake excerpt:

The data are clear; you've little to fear. Your chances of being bit—such that they are—are much greater if you are male, in your twenties, and intoxicated. Why? Because a significant portion of this cohort thinks their penis size increases by harassing rattlesnakes. Silly boys. That's only (possibly) true if the harasser is naked.

No Room for Energy Development on Public Lands argues that any kind of energy development—even renewables like wind and solar—are driving species such as desert tortoise, prairie chicken and sage grouse toward extinction. Wind towers should be limited to private land and solar panels to rooftops.

Wallowa County Chieftain Columns

"Welcome Back the Wolf" argues, among other points, that Oregonians who want the wolf back could buy deer and elk tags and assign their chance to kill big game to the wolves.

"Saving the Primates and Free Willy" argues that human have a special affinity for and obligation to our fellow primates and other very-large brained mammals.

"Moving Loop Road Would Save Salmon, More" argues that not rebuilding a road destroyed by a flood in the same place makes sense.

"Amphibians on Earth Like Carnary in Coal Mine" stretches an analogy to make a point; however when the canary keels over in the coal mine, the miners knew it was time to get out, where amphbian die-offs tell us we have a problem, but like most environmental problems the consequences are not imminent.

"Lions and Hunters and Bears, Oh My!" argues that it isn't sporting to shoot a mama bear in the butt while she has her head in a barrel eating doughnuts.

"Sage Grouse: The Spotted Owl of the Desert" suggests that the sage grouse is even more mediagenic than the spotted owl.


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