Andy Kerr

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The Larch Company

What It is

The Larch Company is a for-profit, non-membership conservation organization that represents species who cannot talk and the human generations to come. Legally, it is a limited liability company under Oregon law, which gives an entity the protections that corporations get without having to hold that damn annual meeting. I wholly own the Larch Company. My official title is "Czar" (not "Tsar"). It was that or Secretrary-General.

What It Does

The Larch Company carries out conservation projects (see Current Major Projects and Future Projects). These projects are either:

  • paid for by clients, sometime with me officially representing their interests;
  • done on speculation (someday a client may pay me to do more of what I've been doing); or,
  • pro bono ("for the public good").

Of course, in my opinion, all are for the public good. Some goods just pay better than others or in different ways than financial remuneration.

I offer consulting, write books, and am available for public speaking.

To diversify its revenues, The Larch Company has gone into the electric power business. Now the Larch Company has two profit centers: The Electric Power Division and the Political Power Division.

The Name

"Andy Kerr and Associates" just wouldn't do, so I formed The Larch Company.

I chose the name because:

  1. As a deciduous conifer, the western larch has a contrary nature.
  2. The western larch is a strikingly beautiful tree, especially as it turns golden in the fall in preparation for losing its needles.

I didn't consider this at the time, but it works for me:

    Kerr runs the Larch Co., an environmental consulting firm named after a tree that thrives on scorched earth.

       "Andy Kerr wages war on growth", by Michelle Cole,  Oregonian, Sunday June 4, 2000 page 1.

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