Andy Kerr

Conservationist, Writer, Analyst, Operative, Agitator, Strategist, Tactitian, Schmoozer, Raconteur

Consulting and Speaking by Andy Kerr

In every society some men are born to rule, and some to advise.

Ralph Waldo Emerson


I consult on an hourly, monthly retainer or project basis. My rates are more for for-profit entities and less for non-profit organizations and even less for such organizations without a lot of resources.

Extraordinary expenses, such as travel (mileage at current IRS rate), are extra. Ordinary office expenses (phone, routine copying, etc.) are included in fee. My normal hourly rates are:

• $300/ hour For-Profit (Corporate)
• $150/hour Non-Profit

• $100/hour Non-Profit discounted (if I really like the project, need the work and/or the client has limited resources.

If you think these rates are too high, click here.

I have expertise in:

• Campaign Development, Strategy and Implementation

• Desert and Grassland Conservation
• Ecosystem-Based Carbon Sequestration to Reduce Global Warming
• Environmental Program and Issue Analysis
• Forest Conservation
• Foundation Getting
• Foundation Giving
• High-Donor Fundraising
• Industrial Hemp
• Killing, Stopping and Removing Dams
• National Monuments
• NGO Operation (Management, Organization, Fundraising)
• Non-Profit Organization Tax Status and Political Action
• Removing Livestock from the Public Lands
• State and Federal Lands Conservation and Protection
• Wild and Scenic River Protection
• Wilderness Preservation
• Writing on Environmental Issues


I give good speech. I'm informative, provocative and funny. Honoraria often, but not always required. Topics are negotiable but will obviously center of my areas of expertise.

Speaking fees are negotiable, depending on variables such as venue and perceived depth of pockets of sponsor.

Normal travel expenses from my home and back (automobile mileage at current IRS rate) at a minimum.

An honorarium is usually required. My standard honorarium for a major plenary talk before non-profit or academic institutions is $1,000. For a for-profit company or for non-profit or academic institutions that can damn-well afford it, the standard rate is doubled. If I really like the cause and/or organization, I can be talked down. Make me an offer.

Here are some examples of speeches I've given:

100-Year Plan was given at the 1994 Oregon Natural Resources Council Conference.

Growing Up in Timber Country is about growing up (physically, emotionally, and intellectually) in Oregon when timber was still king.

Wallowa County's Old Guard was given to a Lighthawk convention of the world's environmental airforce which was held in solidarity with myself and Ric Bailey of the Hells Canyon Preservation Council shortly after we both were hung in effigy.

Takings A Regulator Disaster was given at the McGeorge School of Law in a symposium with the plaintiff of Lucas v. South Carolina, an important US Supreme Court case on what constitutes a constitutional taking. I argued that if a government action that downvalues land is a taking that must be compensated then it is equally true that a government action that upvalues land is a giving that can be confiscated.

Klamath Falls Bald Eagle Conference Plenary Speech is a general overview of my views and vision for the Klamath Basin and was given at the annual Bald Eagle Conference in 2000. It examines the plight of the extraordinary Klamath River Basin and how more much can be made locally off conserving and restoring nature than exploiting and depleting it. Compare it with a speech I have to the Tule Lake Rotary in 1993.

Endless Growth or the End of Growth? is my standard speech given to civic organizations.

25 Actions to End Growth in Oregon is more directed the true believers who already know that growth must end and want to know how to do it.