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Climate Disruption

We often see [climate change science] portrayed as a kind of ping-pong match. But you have 2,500 scientists ... on one side of the ping-pong table and seven scientists on the other side.

Clinton Administration Undersecretary of State Tim Wirth (GREENWIRE, 6/25/96).

For my personal efforts to become climate-positive, please see my Solar page.


Forest-Based Carbon Sequestration: Converting Private Timberlands to Public Forestlands is a paper I did awhile back on the subject.


Oregon Climate Trust partially mitigates carbon emissions from fossil-fuel burning in Oregon.


(S)ince 1860 approximately 165 and 150 [billion] t C have been emitted to the atmosphere from burning fossil fuels and deforestation respect(ively).

Paul Alaback, Ph.D., "Logging of Temperate Rainforests and the Green House effect: Ecological Factors to Consider," Pacific Northwest Research Station, US Forest Service, Juneau, 1989

We must make the rescue of the environment the central organizing principle for civlization. Whether we realize it or not, we are now engaged in an epic battle to right the balance of our earth, and the tide of this battle will turn only when the majority of peole in the world become sufficiently aroused by a shred sense of urgent danger to join an all out effort.

Al Gore, Earth in the Balance (1992; New York: Rodale Press)