Andy Kerr

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32. Little Whitehorse Creek (Oregon Canyon Mountains Unit)

Suggested Citation: Kerr, Andy. 2000. Oregon Desert Guide: 70 Hikes. Seattle: The Mountaineers Books. pp. 156-157.

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What to Expect: A pilgrimage to a beautifully recovering stream where livestock have been excluded for two decades

Distance: 12 miles round trip

Elevation Range: 4,520-4,954 feet

Drinking Water: Yes

Best Times: Late spring, summer, fall

USGS 7.5' Maps: Little Whitehorse Creek, Red Mountain, Whitehorse Ranch

Oregon Map Starting Point: Fields

Go 8 miles south on OR 205 and turn easterly on the Whitehorse Ranch Road. After approximately 24 miles you are proceeding north-northeasterly. The road bends to the northeast, crosses Willow Creek, and immediately resumes its north- northeast direction. A small unnamed butte, approximately 100 feet high, is to the east. At 1 mile after crossing the creek, turn due south on a dirt road. (If you overshoot, the turn is 2.2 miles back, or southwesterly, from the bridge on Whitehorse Creek, just south of the Whitehorse Ranch main buildings.) After 2.4 miles turn west into the hot springs and park.

Hike south on the unimproved "road" that parallels Willow Creek (Red Moun- tain quad). In about 3 miles you'll come to an intersection (Little Whitehorse Creek quad). Bear southeasterly (left). In 0.4 mile is another intersection. Again bear southeasterly. In 2.2 miles you reach Little Whitehorse Creek. The exclosure is 100 yards upstream. Notice the wild rose, alder (not aspen), willows, wild mint, and well-developed stream channel.

Return as you came or set your own route cross-country.