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Oregon Wild: Endangered Forest Wilderness

Before Oregon Wild (née Oregon Natural Resources Council) called themselves Oregon Wild, the organization commissioned me to author a book by that name (Timber Press, 2004). Copies of the book are still available on Amazon and elsewhere, some for as little as $0.32 (you do have to pay postage and handling).

Oregon Wild, the organization has granted me permission to post Oregon Wild, the book, on line. You may download any and all chapters of interest below by clicking on the bulleted entries.

Erik Fernandez of Oregon Wild did the cartography and photography was graciously provided by Sandy Lonsdale, George Wuerthner, Elizabeth Feryl, Gary Braasch, David Stone, Ellen Morris Bishop, Larry N. Olson and others. Kathleen Dean Moore provided a foreword.

Front Cover and Front Matter

Table of Contents

Foreword by Kathleen Dean Moore




Chapter 1: A Brief Natural History of Oregon's Forests

The Forests of Oregon

Major Oregon Forest Ecoregions

Major Oregon Forest Types

Featured: Whitebark Pine

Major Oregon Forest Owners

Old, Mature and Young Forests

Featured: Quaking Aspen

Featured: Western Larch

Selected Fish and Wildlife in Oregon's Forests

Carnivorous Mammals







Black Bear

Grizzly Bear

Herbivorous Mammals



Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep

A Maybe Mammal



Brown Creeper


Marbled Murrelet

Northern Spotted Owl

Pileated woodpecker

White-headed Woodpecker


Bull Trout

Pacific Salmon

Enigmatic Microfauna


It's the Water

The Carbon Connection

Chapter 2: A Brief Unnatural History of Oregon's Forests

Deforestation in Oregon

FeaturedThe Worst of All Microbes by C.D.S. Wood

Roading Oregon's Forests

Forests and Fire

Featured: The Warner Creek Fire

Featured: A Top Dozen Threats to Oregon's Forest Wilderness

Livestock Grazing: A Major Factor in Unhealthy Forests

Chapter 3: A Brief Political History of Oregon's Wilderness Protections

Inadequacy of Administration Protections

Featured: Judge John b. Waldo: Oregon's John Muir

The Wilderness Act

Featured: Other Congressional Protections

Oregon Wilderness Protection 1930-2002

Before The Wilderness Act of 1964

Featured: U.S. Senator Richard L. Neuberger

Mount Jefferson, Oregon Island and Three Arch Rocks

Minam River and Hells Canyon

Endangered American Wilderness Act and More Oregon Islands

The Oregon (Forest) Wilderness Act

Wilderness Designations on Hold

Almost a Thaw

Unfinished Legacy and Even More Oregon Islands

Featured: U.S. Senators Mark Hatfield and Bob Packwood

Oregon's First Desert Wilderness

Chapter 4: A Brief Political Future for Oregon's Forest Wilderness

Why Wilderness?

Small Wilderness

Wilderness Economics 101

Featured: Top Dozen Reasons for Wilderness

Across the Landscape Over Time

Wilderness: Expanding Concept, Shrinking Supply

Top Ten Arguments Against Wilderness (and Refutations)

Other Threatened Forest Wildlands

Get Involved

Chapter 5: A Long-Term Vision for a Wild Oregon

Inviting Nature Back

Unloading the Wild

More Public Forestlands

Self-Restraint for the Betterment of All

Chapter 6: Home to Oregon's Rainforests: Coast Range Ecoregion

Ecoregions of the Oregon Coast Range

Coast Range Wilderness

Featured Unit: Mount Hebo

Elk River Wilderness

Featured Unit: Copper Salmon

Oregon Dunes Wilderness

Featured Unit: Umpqua Dunes

Chapter 7: World Class Biodiversity: Klamath Mountains Ecoregion

Ecoregions of Oregon's Klamath Mountains

Kalmiopsis Wilderness Additions

Featured Unit: Rough and Ready Creek

Siskiyou Crest Wilderness

Featured Unit: Dakubetede

Soda Mountain Wilderness

Featured Unit: Jenny Creek

Wild Rogue Wilderness Additions

Featured Unit: Zane Grey

Chapter 8: Young Volcanoes and Old Forests: Cascades Ecoregion

Ecoregions of Oregon's Cascades

Clackamas Wilderness

Featured Unit: Roaring River

Columbia Gorge Wilderness

Featured Unit: Larch Mountain

McKenzie Wilderness

Featured Unit: Chucksney Mountain

Mount Hood Wilderness Additions

Featured Unit: Twin Lakes

North Umpqua Wilderness

Featured Unit: Mount Bailey

Rogue-Umpqua Wilderness

Featured Unit: Bitter Lick Creek

Santiam Wilderness

Featured Unit: Iron Mountain

South Cascades Wilderness

Featured Unit: Pelican Butte

Three Sisters Wilderness

Featured Unit: Waldo Lake

Upper Deschutes Wilderness

Featured Unit: Little Deschutes river-Big Marsh Creek

Upper Willamette Wilderness

Featured Unit: Hardesty Mountain

Chapter 9: Dry Open Forests: East Cascades Slopes and Foothills Ecoregion

Ecoregions of the Oregon's East Cascades Slopes and Foothills

Fremont Rims Wilderness

Featured Unit: Dead Horse Rim

Klamath Basin Wilderness

Featured Unit: Yamsay Mountain

Metolius Wilderness

Featured Unit: Metolius Breaks

Newberry Volcano Wilderness

Featured Unit: Newberry Crater

Chapter 10: Neither Cascades Nor Rocks, but with Attributes of Both: Blue Mountains Ecoregion

Ecoregions of Oregon's Blue Mountains

Blue Mountain Wilderness

Featured Unit: Forks of the Walla Walla

Grand Ronde Wilderness

Featured Unit: Joseph Canyon

Hells Canyon Wilderness Additions

Featured Unit: Lord Flat

Malheur Basin Wilderness

Featured Unit: Myrtle Creek-Silvies River

Malheur Canyons Wilderness

Featured Unit: North Fork Malheur River

North Fork John Day-Elkhorns Wilderness

Featured Unit: Elkhorn Ridge

Ochoco Mountains Wilderness

Featured Unit: Lookout Mountain

South Fork John Day Wilderness

Featured Unit: Murderers Creek

Upper John Day Wilderness

Featured Unit: Dixie Butte

Wallowa Mountains Wilderness

Featured Unit: Lake Fork Creek

Back Matter and Back Cover


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