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35. Little Trout Creek (Trout Creek Unit)

Suggested Citation: Kerr, Andy. 2000. Oregon Desert Guide: 70 Hikes. Seattle: The Mountaineers Books. p. 159.

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What to Expect: A one-night backpack along a pretty ridge and beautiful creek

Distance: 13.4-mile loop

Elevation Range: 5,160-7,000 feet

Drinking Water: Yes

Best Times: Spring, fall

USGS 7.5' Maps: Pole Canyon, The V

Oregon Map Starting Point: Fields

From Fields, go 8 miles south on OR 205 to the Whitehorse Ranch Road. Go east approximately 14 miles until you cross a very small white bridge. You are traveling northeast. From this bridge go 0.7 mile to the Trout Creek Mountain Loop Road (unsigned). Turn east and go 2.3 miles to a sharp turn through a cattle guard. Go 0.2 mile and park near the BLM information sign.

Hike 0.2 mile down a way to Little Trout Creek (Pole Canyon quad). Cross the creek at the ford and continue up the way. In 0.1 mile the way leaves the creek and continues west up a side canyon. At this point, do not take the lesser way to the northwest, hut continue southwest into a broad valley. At 0.9 mile the way turns to a jeep trail as it steeply climbs onto the gentle Center Ridge. Continue south-southeast along Center Ridge until you come to a gate and fence in 2.4 miles, just before a mahogany grove. Camp either at Little Table Seep to the east (water) or in the mahogany grove.

Continue southerly 3.2 miles up Center Ridge to Amos Spring (The V quad). Walk down the draw below Amos Spring into Little Trout Creek Canyon. It is a great walk with a good trail and magnificent vegetation. The wild roses are lush and tall, and a nice aspen-shaded waterfall comes in from the east.

The trail crosses the creek countless times. Resign yourself to wet feet. Walking down Little Trout Creek 6.4 miles will return you to your first crossing. After reaching the first way, continue 0.2 mile up to your vehicle.