Andy Kerr

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23. Pueblo Peak

Suggested Citation: Kerr, Andy. 2000. Oregon Desert Guide: 70 Hikes. Seattle: The Mountaineers Books. p. 141.

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What to Expect: Great views of the Alvord Basin, Alvord Desert, Steens Mountain, Sheepshead Mountains, Trout Creek Mountains, and Pine Forest Range from the second highest point in southeast Oregon

Distance: 16 miles round trip

Elevation Range: 4,300-8,630 feet 

Drinking Water: Yes

Best Times: Summer, fall

USGS 7.5' Maps: Ladycomb Peak, Tum Tum Lake, Van Horn Basin

Oregon Map Starting Point: Fields

Drive 8 miles south on OR 205 to the Whitehorse County Road. Continue south on OR 205 0.8 mile to an unimproved way to the west. Drive 0.2 mile across flat and park.

Hike (Tum Tum Lake quad) 4.9 miles up the unimproved way to the headwaters of Arizona Creek (Ladycomb Peak quad), crossing over to the headwaters of Cottonwood Creek and then south into Stergen Meadows. Campsites and springs are plentiful at Ten Cent Meadows to the south at the head of the Van Horn Basin. Climbing Pueblo Peak via the north shoulder is the least steep.

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