Andy Kerr

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16. Benjamin Lake and Benjamin Cave

Suggested Citation: Kerr, Andy. 2000. Oregon Desert Guide: 70 Hikes. Seattle: The Mountaineers Books. p. 125.

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What to Expect: A pleasant stroll by lakeside, through sagebrush and juniper, and exploring a lava tube cave

Distance: 7-mile loop

Elevation Range: 4,850-5,103 feet

Drinking Water: No

Best Times: Spring, fall

USGS 7.5' Map: Benjamin Lake

Oregon Map Starting Point: Brothers

Drive 10 miles east on US 20. Turn south onto a county road (0.8 mile east of milepost 49). Go 12 miles south to an intersection (0.7 mile beyond the Lake-Deschutes county line at Frederick Butte) with a well-maintained dirt road. Proceed southeasterly 4.9 miles to an intersection where the road curves more to the south by Little Benjamin Lake to the west. Continue southeasterly, then easterly on a lower-grade dirt road 4.5 miles to the northwest side of Benjamin Lake. Park just short of a way to the south on public land. Skirt the private land and hike south along the lake edge, then turn westerly toward East Butte. Benjamin Cave is on the northwest slope of a slight saddle on the southwest side of East Butte. It is a noticeable hole where the top of a lava tube collapsed. Hike northerly, then easterly around the junipers' edge and back to your vehicle.