Andy Kerr

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In the Media

In the past I got much more than my allotted fifteen minutes of fame/infamy as I had at least a dozen publicists working for me—never on my payroll, but that of the timber industry. Growing up in timber country and going to school with the children of woods and mill workers and having family friends that owned logging companies and sawmills resulted in a particular and intense dislike for a native Oregonian who was calling for the end of old-growth logging. Every movement needs a demon. For a spell, I served that role for the Oregon timber industry.

Op-Eds and Such

I still occasionaly get published:

• Kerr, Andy, May 1, 2013. Sawmills Must Adapt to Stay Relevant. Daily Courier, Grants Pass, Oregon. (; paywall).

Stories In Which I Am Significantly Mentioned

Below you will find a few stories from this new modern era in which I am featured or significantly mentioned:

"Eco Warrior: Let's Cut More Trees" (August 15, 2012, Jason Vondersmith, Portland Tribune).

"Bridging the Gaping Divide: An Unlikely Alliance Forms Between Longtime Lumberman and Well-Known Environmentalist" (March 17, 2011, Scotta Callister, Blue Mountain Eagle).

"Q&A With Andy Kerr" (March 17, 2011, Scotta Callister, Blue Mountain Eagle) is a sidebar to the above article.

"Obama Administration Raises Concerns on Eastern Oregon Forest Bill" (March 10, 2010, The Oregonian).

"Suriving Wildfire" (Summer 2009, Rocky Barker, American Forests).

"Andy Kerr: Preparing for the Palin Administration" (February 6, 2009, Mapes on Politics: Way West of the Beltway, The Oregonian).

"Growing Up in Timber Country" (Speech to City Club of Eugene, October 9, 1992 and broadcast on KLCC Radio).